As a child, I became obsessed with learning how the mechanics of my parents’ Nikon FE camera worked even though it had no film inside. I familiarized myself with the inner workings of the camera and when it was time to choose an art in middle and high school, it wasn’t even a decision I needed to make. There was only one art I wanted to learn: photography. I already had a working knowledge of how the camera operated, but I had no idea what made a photograph visually pleasing. It has become an ever-evolving skill that I try to constantly explore and push the boundaries of what can be done with a camera and a lens. With the digital revolution, I have even greater control over the photograph. I do believe film still records something that digital cannot. The instantaneous capture of light on a plastic material is not something that can be recreated in a digital camera. The infinite possibilities that the film undergoes during exposing and processing is somewhat random, the particular beauty of photography. It is what allows me the chance to show the world how beautiful places and people are. The warm tones are something that can be only captured on film. With digital technology though, it is now possible to create something truly unique: flawless photographs that have ultra vivid colors, super velvet blacks, and amazing visual details. The nature of this medium is constantly changing and my own techniques are continually evolving at the same time.